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Wade T.Smith (
Sun, 17 Aug 97 14:11:03 -0400

>So, whatever functions are performed by the church and state (and I say they
>set standards) are seen as originating "somewhere" (that we can't talk
>about). Instead, we "personally" (not really) adopt standards--the product
>of church and state--without seeing the process which created them. This is
>why I say that standards "magically" appear

I think I got it.

Somehow we have managed to agree with each other even though I'm not sure
either of us can trace the road traveled, at least by the other....

Yet we meet- cross paths? continue on together? Who knows....

I was personifying the shaman much more than you, certainly- I think you
have developed it as a process. I see no need for even that, but I
understand your term.

The unknown manifests in the midst of our weaker intuitions. I choose to
strengthen against it through a process I call science, although art and
music and poetry are all partners. Do others choose to embrace it without
science and make art and music and poetry from it? Perhaps. Is this a
tissue of meagre substance? I think so. Has it nevertheless endured? When
is truth beauty?

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