Re: virus: Un-natural De-selection

Tim Rhodes (
Sun, 17 Aug 1997 22:27:09 -0700 (PDT)

Eric, out of honesty and good will, wrote:

> >You see, we (or at least I) am not too knowledgable about evolution.
> >Certainly the people on the list he refered you to would know more than
> >the people here. (Boyd)

To which Brett replied:

> Seems if the people on this list are "not too knowledgable about evolution",
> the THEY are the ones who need to "go to a group where they debate evolution".

Well, Brett, I am just egotistical enough to think that I *DO* know a
thing or two about evolution. So if you want to talk about it here, be my
guest. Just remember: you asked for it!

Let's begin shall we?

Brett, do you believe that *DNA* is the agent for biological evolution?
Do you believe that it is *genes* which "compete"? (I wish we had a less
adversarial word for this.) That "survival of the fittest" means survival
of the fittest *genes*? (Not bodies) Do you, Brett, think that DNA is the
blueprint for order and complexity in biological forms and, as such, it is
the evolution of DNA (genes) over time that is driving force behind
evolution? Where do you stand, Brett?

Aye, put up yer dukes! (In my best Popeye voice)

-Prof. Tim