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Eva-Lise Carlstrom (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 09:07:34 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 16 Aug 1997, Tim Rhodes wrote:

> Talking the other day to a medical professional that had left the field
> because of his dissatisfaction with the institution (not the practice), he
> noted that, "If hospitals could show better profit (and collect it) from
> patients that die than from patients that live, our health-care
> institutions would become death-care institutions over night."
> This isn't an indictment of hospitals or the health-care industry. Just an
> acknowledgment that the primary job of *every*institution* is self
> preservation and growth.
> (Including CoV!)

My mother told me about a journalism class she took in high school, in
which in the first day of class the teacher asked, "What is the purpose of
a newspaper?" The students responded with such answers as "To inform the
public", "To let people know what's happening in the world", "To
entertain"....The teacher acknowledged all their eager answers, but said
none of them was the primary purpose of a newspaper. The primary purpose
of a newspaper, he said, was to sell advertising. Reality check!
In the case of a newspaper, selling advertising is
self-preservation, since that's how it makes the money to continue its
existence. It is also, of course, how the companies doing the advertising
work at self-preservation.

preserving herself in honey like Alexander the Great