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Wade T. Smith (
Mon, 18 Aug 1997 18:51:51 -0400

>Yes, it is different from science. Science is the cultural form that
>*invented* published professional journals, remember.

Well, yes, _organized science_ as an institution did indeed utilize the
handy dissemination technique of journals, although you would have to do a
lot of convincing for me to think that this was its invention.

However, I can only hope to impart to you that while I totally think that
organized science is a marvelous cultural institution, I also think that
_science_ is a way of observing the universe, and it is a far more valid
method than magic. And I totally think this protean science is just as
solid a portion of the mind as is religion, (or anyone's imagined need for
it), and it is this approach which the shaman (whoever and whatever he is)
stands against.

>Biases quickly become prejudices if left unexamined, Wade.

Certainly. I hope I can also impart to you that my not unsubstantial
examination of these things is what has led to my 'bias'. If I am led
unbidden to a new land, I open my mind. It is the land left behind which
serves to ripen my ideas. And, I try to keep the map in case I need to

If, for my part, I see a bias in you _for_ the shaman, I still listen.

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