Re: virus: Un-natural De-selection

Tim Rhodes (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 10:09:32 -0700 (PDT)

On Mon, 18 Aug 1997, Brett Lane Robertson wrote:

> > Do you, Brett, think that DNA is the
> blueprint for order and complexity in biological forms and, as such, it is
> the evolution of DNA (genes) over time that is driving force behind
> evolution? Where do you stand, Brett?
> Having said all of this, I believe that the meme is the blueprint for all
> biological forms. That a pattern is created in less dense matter (energy)
> which organizes "itself" (for all practical purposes) creating bonds between
> proteins based on the energy requirements of the protein. I see this
> "energy" connection running the whole "gamete" from micro to macro universe.
> I see interactions in the mind/brain as having a direct relationship to
> these energy configurations--that we can willfully direct this energy flow
> to greater levels of evolutionary development by increasing the likelihood
> of positive developments (as opposed to--or in addition to--decreasing the
> likelihood of disadvantageous developments).

True. That is the mandate of memetics. But it is very important to
understand the interactions that lead up to the creation of "willful"
creatures. If you don't understand your past you'll never get a handle on
your future! And many of the same old mechanisms are still at work today.

> All of these processes can be clumpped under the heading of evolution...can
> be exemplified by DNA...can then be measured accross a population or
> populations over successive generations;

A very useful tool, don't you think?

> or, they can be clumpped under the
> heading of "un-natural de-selection" ...can be exemplified by responses
> to
> posts on the subject...and be measured by the intellectual growth of
> "me",
> an individual, as I write this response; which is to say, that growth
> and
> development occur...

Right on! Growth and development are what we're all about here at CoV!

And thanks for this chance to get these concepts straight in my own mind.

To a better understanding-
-Prof. Tim