Re: virus: Re: shaman

Tim Rhodes (
Thu, 21 Aug 1997 09:56:13 -0700 (PDT)

On Thu, 21 Aug 1997, Wade T.Smith wrote:

> And what will I end up with? I'll be a shaman. What will I have done of
> worth for any generation to come(?)

That all depends on how good a Shaman you are and how wide you chose to
throw your net.

> I reiterate- the shaman is only a shaman within his own culture. Taken
> outside, he is a sham.

Your being purposefully dense, Wade. Would you say, "A dollar is only a
dollar with its culture. Otherwise its just a pretty printed piece of
paper!" This is completely true. But that doesn't mean that that dollar
is worthless!!! (BTW, if that's your attitude, you can send all those
useless pretty peices of paper to me at the address below... ;-)

> Science, and the scientist, do not have a culture
> (in the same sense- I don't want a semantic squabble about 'culture')
> which they can step outside of and perish.

ERRRR!!! WRONG! The culture of science is much more pervasive and much
harder to step out of, *that's all!* You really have to look hard to find
places where its tenticles haven't spread, but they do exist. I bet 300
years ago you would have said, "Serfdom does not have a culture it can
step out of and not be effective! It is pervasive and universal! And it
is the Truth!!!" Well, you would have been wrong then and you're still
wrong now. And the pockets of culture where science is not allowed in are
growing, much to the consternation of folks like you, Wade. (Viva la

Spend a weekend with me and I will take you to places where your science
useless. And the scientist, a sham artist of the highest order.

-Prof. Tim