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Thu, 21 Aug 1997 12:02:42 -0700 (PDT)

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> (KM) Speaking specifically in regards to contemporary American Indians,
> there is a good deal of unease and resentment regarding the European
> American habit of dropping in, nabbing a few tools or techniques, and
> zipping off with them. It is considered disrespectful and possibly
> dangerous.
> From a memetic perspective you might say that acquiring a powerful tool
> or technique, without acquiring the associated "safe usage and control
> memes" is a definite hazard.

Ken provides illustrative examples of tobacco smoking and building a
laser. The one that instantly popped into my mind was martial arts. A
responsible martial arts school or teacher will teach, along with the
potentially harmful physical techniques, a mindset that will avoid use of
the techniques when they are not necessary. Of course it is possible to
find someone willing to just teach you how to boot people in the head.

having flashbacks to February or so, when we were talking martial arts and
accompanying philosophy