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Tue, 26 Aug 1997 22:16:30 -0700

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Sorry for staying lurking for so long...
I've just got this strange message from Pinatra Tanputra in Indonesia.
My immediate reaction was rather cynical, as anti-cliche-memes took
over. While reading it over again, all kinds of old threads from 'Virus'
flashed through my mind. Next thing I see is the 'Forward' button
pressed with as the addressee. So, since
traffic in the list was quite low for the last couple of days, I'll
throw this bone to the pen and see what threads would come out.
I hope you'd have something to say...


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Dear Lior Golgher,

Please accept my apologize for this unanticapated email. (I found your
email address from WhoWhere Directory.) But, I really want to share
something with you and hope you can spend a little time to read it.

Let me start from here.

Due to the fact that the lack of self-esteem and emotional education for
today's youngsters have already led our society to many social problems,
I wonder if we can do something to overcome this.

I have an idea: Why don't we found an international non-profit
organization which will fullfil its mission to build self-esteem and
provide emotional education among young people. For simplification
purpose, just called it Life Institute for Youth (LIFY) at this moment.

LIFY will have a branch in every major city around the world and will
provide one-year education for young people. Such kind of education will
be optional for them, but hopefully every high school student will
attend this program for their own sake. Maybe they have to pay, but it
is not going to be an expensive education.

I already have a concept for such kind of education: The education will
be divided into two sessions:

Session 1: Classroom Workshop (3 months)

During this session, each student will be taught the following lessons:

- Emotional Intelligence
- Leadership
- Overcoming Obstacles
- Managing Conflict
- Managing Crisis
- Relaxation & Visualization
- Healthy Lifestyle
- Setting Personal Goal
- Managing Stress
- Thinking
- Being Assertive
- Effective Communication
- Public Speaking
- Parenting
- Ethics
- Nature & Environment
- ... etc.

After completing this session, hopefully, students will be able to
handle most of the personal problems they are and will be facing.

Session 2: On-site Training (9 months)

During this session, students will be given opportunities to serve
community as social workers. This will teach them the reality of life,
give them chances to implement what they have learned from Session 1,
and make them feel that they are able to make a difference. Also in this
session, student will be given opportunity to develop their talents and
creativity by allowing them to express themselves in art, science,
sports, or other fields as well. LIFY will provide facilities and/or
support for them.

The purposes of this session is to let them have high quality sparetime
and to build their self-esteem and a sense that they really mean
something in this universe.

I believe, after completing the education, they will have much more
self-esteem and emotional intelligence quotient than before they join
the program.

In case of they want to join LIFY as volunteers after the one-year
education, LIFY will assign one or more projects or task-forces to them
and at the same time give them more opportunities to develop their
personal skills.

I know that sounds really good. The questions then arise. How to make it
happen? Where to get the money? Who will run it? How?

I must speak frankly, I don't have all the answers. I just know that
this project is not a simple thing to realize. Having a very good idea
is a thing. Make it happen is another thing. But since I'm not going to
do this alone, I am sure that it is just a matter of time before this
idea become true.

I decide to write you because I strongly believe that your interest and
experience in youth service makes you are more than competent in
providing me the support and help I need. Provided that you decide to
help me, I believe we are moving closer to the realization of this

I desperately want this dream become reality. I have spent almost two
years thinking about it, but at the same time I also realize my
capabilities. I don't have much experience. Besides dream, I have
nothing except I believe that with the support, help, and cooperation
from people like you, we will be able to make this dream come true. All
I have to do is try to locate and write to as many people as you.

Hope you will decide to support this project (I believe you will) and if
you know other people who probably will be interested in this project,
please forward this email to them.

For your information, I'm 26 years old Indonesian. Male. My present
occupation is a computer analyst programmer in Surabaya (second biggest
city in Indonesia).

Thank you for your time and attention and please reply this email if you
think this is a reachable dream and you decide to help the realization
of this dream.

See you.

Yours sincerely,

Pinatra Tanputra.