virus: 'Meaning of Life' Memes ("")
Wed, 03 Sep 1997 18:06:18 -0500

From: "D.H.Rosdeitcher" <>

The memetic/evolutionary paradigm seems to imply that we invent our own
"meaning of life" since we create a memetic construct called 'meaning of
life'. Does having a view that we "make up" our own 'meaning of life'
lead to a sense of meaninglessness?
- --David R.

Ken McE comments:

I have always suspected that the "meaning of life question" was some
sort of cousin to the "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?"
question. I think both of these are examples of how we can allow
language to mislead our thinking. There are roughly eight ways to
answer the "meaning" question, but the underlying truth is that the
question is wrong.

Because we can speculate about a thing, does not mean that it is worth
speculating about it. I rather think that any memetic expeditions to
this neighborhood will die the same painful deaths as have previous
religious, philosophical and logical inquests, but if you insist, don't
forget to write...


Ken McE