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Melody (
Thu, 04 Sep 1997 16:56:37 -0700

D.H.Rosdeitcher wrote:

> So, you're saying it's the shift in consciousness that's the key to
> escaping meaninglessness as opposed to trying to find meaning from a state
> of consciousness from which you can't find meaning.

Yes, in the* integration of the subconscious and conscious* toward a goal of
more congruent speech. (In finding out what you are saying consciously with
the right side of your brain and listening to it via an altered tape recorder
or a computer software program). At least that works for me - as far as finding
"meaning." For a Jungian analyst, meaning lies in dreams; for a shaman, trance
states, for a Zen Buddhist, meditation - etc. Anything that accesses the
unconscious for symbols, metaphors and archetypes can create "meaning" in your
life, IMO. RS is only *one* way - although it's the most efficient technology
to date. You can restructure your consciousness with the use of metaphors, to
create a change in behavior - a shift.

> I don't think our consciousness is very collective--I think we're on
> completely different head trips. Sometimes the way we think is so different
> that it's almost impossible to communicate.

Ah, there I can prove you wrong! I have many audio files that I could send you
of conversations being carried on between people who have never met in person -
information being spoken (in reverse phrases) and transmitted to the other.
Complete conversations in reverse. For instance, I have a tape of my boyfriend
saying in reverse that I "dumped Scott." Scott was my prior boyfriend to him,
and frankly I did "dump" him. He never heard of Scott, because I never told him
in my conscious speech.

Also, I have some very interesting taped conversations from a federal clerical
worker. In one, he asks me to "send him the nucleus meme" when in forward
phrasing, it's only "leave me a message on my voice mail." Now, the odds that
he just *happened* to be studying Memetics at the same time that I was, and was
asking me for information on it are pretty darn telling! We were actually
carrying on a conversation back and forth over voice mail only, where I was
telling him about Memetics in reverse. (Reverse speech often uses metaphors -
which are merely condensed speech - so the "nucleus" meme is probably the
"meme" meme of Memetics.)

These are only a few examples I have of my audio tapes of reverse intuitive

> Reverse speech seems really interesting--it might be fun to try. But is it
> possible that you might be filtering out what they're saying to fit it in a
> way that makes sense to you?

We do blind tests on that over on the site. Yes, it is
possible to project your own "stuff" and I've done it - but so far, I always
catch it later. (I don't keep any audio reversals that I'm not 100% sure of the
validity of. We have a formal validity rating system established on them) The
reversed phrases, when placed in "clusters" always tell a story that is
absolutely complimentary to what is being discussed forward. I try to never
listen to the forward conversations first, also.

> I used to read tarot cards and sometimes I
> could swear that the cards were telling me things--specific things like
> "this guy is running from the law and he will eventually get caught in
> Arizona", which turned out to have referents in what I consider objective
> reality outside my imagination. But sometimes it seemed like it was just my
> imagination creating stories that might be true. it's like creating meaning
> arbitrarily. How can you test something like RS and what can you predict
> from it?

I don't know that it's useful for predicting the future - although if the
collective unconscious does exist, who knows what the possibilities are. If it
was my imagination, and I were listening to, say, an important politician on
the TV in reverse, I figure I would find things that were exciting to me like,
"I know who shot JFK." But I don't. I find things that are always
complimentary to the subject matter at hand. It's not a tool for divination or
prediction of the future, although you might hear someone say what they *plan*
to do, and crimes have been solved this way.

Yesterday I did a reversal on the mayor at a Reno, Nevada city council meeting
and he said, "Hit him!!" in reverse about a citizen who was irritating him.
Although I doubt that the mayor will really break the law to commit violence
like that, it's interesting and fun to know that he thought about it! You
should hear the stuff that my ex-husband thinks about me :-). There's something
very "meaningful" in knowing other people's deepest secrets.

Thanks for your interest,