Re: virus: 'Meaning of Life' Memes

Ken McE (
Sat, 06 Sep 1997 15:34:26 -0500

David R wrote:


The notions of pointlessness and meaninglessness are mind
viruses just like other ideologies. But from within the virus--within
sense of pointlessness--it would be good to have reasonable cases
it. For instance, if complex systems theory gives a strong case for
meaning, that would be points scored against the existentialist view of
pointlessness, even for people who have that particular virus. Know what

- --David R.

Ken McE comments

The notions of meaninglessness and pointlessness may be built in
biological defenses, like the ability to vomit when you eat something
poisonous. Humans and memetic ability have beeen co evolving long
enough for us to have some basic resistance to undigestible memes