Re: virus: RS is definitely NOT BS

Melody (
Mon, 08 Sep 1997 00:26:47 -0700

I'll check into this, as I always keep an open mind, but you should try
walking a day in my shoes sometimes. Thanks for the e-mail address. I
will be happy to discuss this with Dr. Newbrook.


Wade T.Smith wrote:
> >From another list-
> > There has been some discussion on the list recently about a Reverse Speech
> > theory proposed by D J Oates. I have just read a report of a study of
> Oates' claims
> > conducted by Dr Mark Newbrook, a linguist at Monash University in Melbourne
> > and a member of the Victorian Skeptics committee. Mark and a research
> > student, Jane Curtain, have carried out a thorough research project into
> > this stuff and their report is, to say the least, critical of Oates'
> > claims. If anyone wants to contact Mark his email address is:
> >
> >