virus: Existence and Ego

Brett Lane Robertson (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 15:42:01 -0500

B:>>A Self which resolves this
>>sadistic/masochistic inflation of ego must be at the expense of something
>>else; and, I say it is at the expense of a social "s"elf.

R>This is where I get lost. There are so many things: Ego, Self, social
>"s"elf, violence
>as creator and created, passive, active, implied underlying causes, appeal
>to principles
>("standing for something"). You're going too fast for me!

(quoted from the original post...oh by the way, Isn't RC really RK?
Shouldn't the "C"onsler be a "K"onsler--but even then, I cant spell
"Konselor (er?)" and seem to have misplaced the original post using instead
a text version saved to hard disk which left off the correct spelling;
so--with my appologies, I am shortening RC to "R" which stands for "Reed"
and that much I think I have right)


Because I implied an active ego and a passive ego as well as a self which is
constructed, I have used one more term here to refer to the concept of
"self" which is the construct of "Self"--I have kept the term "Self" and
"construct" and said that given Self as that which constructs and the act of
constructing, there must be that which is constructed (though I am not using
ego since I am further defining "ego" to be a interdependent on sadism and
masochism and therefore no longer either the constructor or constructed
(see Also, assuming that ego
becomes inflated, I am saying that this inflation must be at the expense of
something. If the Self (which does the constructing) is held
constant--operationally-- and ego inflates, then "self" ("social self") must
be what is expended.

I am also implying that the Self could be sacrificed at the expense of the
social self. Comments on what is sacrificed, the original concept of Self
("I think") or the socially constructed self ("I am")? I have posited the
idea that the answer is not "ego" since ego is an inflation of "I"
begetting and beget by opposition, that it is truely only a construct;
though I am saying that either the self or Self is constant and that the
other is sacrificed to the ego.


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