virus: Existence and Ego (Back to Violence)

Brett Lane Robertson (
Thu, 11 Sep 1997 19:58:16 -0500

B:>>Violence is the only way for some to see that they
>>are alive

R>That makes me uncomfortable so close to the conclusion.
>Unfortunately, Sartre and McLuhan would both agree.

B>>(and, thereby, the whole post fits into the psychological category
>>"Borderline Personality",

R>Define "Borderline Personality". Are you expressing a psychosis?

B>>the resolution of this disorder may be to
>>participate but not become involved.)

R>How does one do that? In my mind, one has to be involved to participate.


I will answer this backwards: "How does one do that? (participate but not
be involved) In my mind, one has to be involved to participate" (Reed).

B: One must be a "Self" which is director in order to participate without
being involved--must sacrifice a social self and an ego (the actor and the
stage?). I contrast this from Borderline Personality (yes, the
"psychosis"). In Borderline Personality, there is no "identity" or Self.
Because of this, there is "psychosis" or "chaos/confusion". I am assuming
that this non-identity first is ego and then social-construct. Borderline
Personality manifests as violence against the self which occurs when one
first destroys and then idolizes an externalized sense of self--one
internalizes Self-destruction: One in such a case seems to imply that the
Self is violent and must destroy itself through violence--manifesting chaos
as being self-evident of chaos.

I have implied here that these posts are a description of this type of
personality disorder.


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