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Richard Brodie wrote:
> On Sunday, September 7, 1997 5:32 PM, D.H.Rosdeitcher
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> > KMO wrote:.
> > > I expect that several of the regular participants will be happy
> > >to defend the position that the scientific model is a useful one but
> > >that it has its limitations and blind spots.
> >
> > What limitations and blind spots exist in the scientific model? If there
> > were any such limitations and blind spots, they could be taken into
> account
> > as part of the model. --David R.
> The main blind spot is that it is difficult for the scientist to experience
> mysticism and thus study it. This tends to make scientists believe they are
> lone, rational minds perceiving an objective reality. It is hard for one
> with such an operating mode to break out of its box.
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Its hardly a blind spot to see something which is'nt there. One can
make up any bogus belief one wants to but science demands proof!
The Nateman