virus: Darvin a CoV MEMember

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 12 Sep 1997 14:18:11 -0700

KMO, who said Hegel was a communist? Please let me know if I am missing a
post which may explain it.

Nathaniel, Sep 9:
As for Hegel, his picture seemed mighty popular in the Soviet May day
parades, and we all know how that social experiment turned out!

KMO, Sep 11:
In response to the Objectivist claim that Hegal was a communist, I'd like to
simply present the historical note that Karl Marx was 13 years old when
Hegal died in 1831. You may argue that Hegal was a communist, but such an
argument would have much the
same character as an argument in support of the claim that Nietzsche was a
Nazi or that Spinoza was a New Ager.

Nathaniel, Sep 11:
Hegel was a favorite of the communists. He provided the poisoned water from
which they choose to drink.

KMO, Sep 12:
Darwin was a favorite of eugenicists, laize faire capitalists, and
CoVers. That doesn't mean that Darwin was affiliated with or
sympathetic to any of those causes.

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