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Tad welcome back with open arms. ROFLMAO!

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On Friday, September 12, 1997 8:01 PM, Tadeusz Niwinski [] wrote:
> It's amazing how all the threads on this list revolve around "Mind Acquired
> Immune Deficiency Syndrome", a newly discovered meme-virus "MAIDS".
> The MAIDS virus attacks self-esteem and binds a person to a religion,
> organization, political party, or company in a slave-like relationship.
> Historically it played a positive role in societies' survival, as it made
> room for one or a few leaders with many (infected) followers.
> It even seems that evolution has developed a part of human's mind as a
> receptor for the MAIDS virus.
> MAIDS can be acquired in early childhood and cause an infected person to be
> obedient to "higher authorities" (which usually parents are the first
> impersonation of). A MAIDS victim is not capable of independent view of
> reality. Reality is not what it is, but what others say it is. "Others"
> may be parents, teachers, priests, bosses, shamans (or shamen) etc.
> There are three stages for the MAIDS virus to take over ones mind:
> (1) Implant a doubt in ones own ability to perceive reality.
> (2) Get one to accept the existence of a Higher Power.
> (3) Follow.
> Symptoms. A MAIDS infected person will say things like:
> ==>All ideas are dinky little memes.
> ==>Level-3 is a state of being you are not able to grasp, but I know some
> people in Seattle who are Level-3ers. (That was before Richard discovered MS
> God).
> ==>Context, not defiitions, determine meaning.
> ==>There is abnormally high emphasis on the notion of "reality" or "existence".
> ==>There exists a higher unknowable world.
> ==>We are a bunch of dingbats, in the sense that we're infinitely ignorant.
> (Speak for yourself! The last four revelations come from David R. recent post)
> As with AIDS some people appear to be immune to MAIDS.
> What is their secret? How MAIDS can be cured?
> Fortunately Planet TeTa scientists are working on it. Any volunteers to
> join the research group?
> Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa
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