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Nathaniel Hall (
Sat, 13 Sep 1997 02:06:21 -0600

Richard Brodie wrote:
> On Friday, September 12, 1997 6:51 PM, Nathaniel Hall
> [] wrote:
> > If something is by is very nature undetectable by any means then of
> > course it's useless.
> "First, let me say that I like you and consider it a privilege to have
> friends and acquaintances who are so thoughtful and full of integrity. That
> being said, you are understandably infatuated with your first
> self-consistent worldview that seems to explain everything. In my
> experience, regardless of what words of wisdom I contribute to you, your
> infatuation, like infatuation with a pretty girl, will last from two to 18
> months."

Thank you very much for the kind words. I 've only been able to keep up
by responding to things directed right at me. I've had to turn away from
some other posts dangled before me even though I was tempted to pounce
on them.
I first read Ayn Rand in 1985 or about 12 years ago. She was already
dead and buried when a friend of mine who kept on saying read "The
Fountainhead" if you want to understand my views better got me to read
her works. 12 years. Quite a bit of an infatuation don't you think. It's
said a fanatic is "someone who you can't change thier mind and you can't
change the subject". I'm not a fanatic. You can change the subject with

> "When you discover that you are ready to grow to the next level, consider
> that all the axioms, measurements, truths, and laws that you now believe
> are good approximations that focus one particular pair of binoculars on
> this thing we call reality. You may be surprised to discover that other
> views produce equally interesting experiences. You are not wrong by any
> means, yet there are other rights."

Who knows, I may even return the favor.
> Science has already discovered some things which
> > border on the undetectable. Consider the neutrino. If I had a layer of
> > lead a light year thick it can still pass through all that as if
> > nothing was there. Yet we have discovered it all the same. For
> > something "limited" with "blind spots" don't you think its pretty
> > amazing what science has already discovered?
> "I actually am more of a fan of engineers than scientists. More has been
> accomplished with the kluge than can ever hope to be created by pure,
> beautiful theory."

No argument there. Kind of hard to find a practical use for a neutrino.
> The Nateman