virus: The ignorant response.

Nathaniel Hall (
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 13:17:58 -0600

> KMO wrote:

> "If I had an instinct for
> self-preservation, I'd get away from this machine right now. BUT,
> while
> over-work, job-disatisfaction, or illness can effect my mood and thus
> color the tone of what I write, none of these things motivated me to
> send a post to the virus list in response to ill-informed dismissals
> of
> important ethical systems by parties who, I increasingly suspect, have
> no first hand experience with the material they have condemed."

> From the ill-informed dismisser:

> I reacted to a direct quote from the pundit in question himself. How
> much more first hand do you want me to get?

The Nateman