Re: virus: Re: The saga continues!

Nathaniel Hall (
Sun, 14 Sep 1997 18:48:28 -0600

Eva-Lise Carlstrom wrote:

> On Sun, 14 Sep 1997, Nathaniel Hall wrote:
> > 1) That's ones a tough one. I'd be inclined to say the best measure
> > would be how long after you die that other people remember you.
> That would imply that a well-publicized mass murderer who died unloved
> and
> miserable was vastly more successful than the person down the street
> who
> pulled herself up from abject poverty to run a lucrative small
> business
> and pass it on to her happy, well-adjusted children. I'm not sure
> that's
> the measure we're looking for.

True, but such a person would be remembered as have achieving great
heights in the field of evil! While being successfully evil is something
that I'm sure some people have actually strived for , I for one rather
be forgotten than to be remember in such a way. (It should be noted that
most evil people don't think of themselves as such!)
How about this modification: How long you are remembered in a positive
light after you die

The Nateman