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Brett Lane Robertson (
Mon, 15 Sep 1997 15:48:42 -0500

>Do we have any experiments for memes yet? We have some definitions, but
>there are definitions for ghosts too....(below)


I am assuming that Wade means: What can we make them DO? Can we put them
in our pocket and pull them out like marbles? Fling them into a circle with
other marbles and use marbles to predict the behavior of marbles? The main
(only) differnece in what Wade is asking and what "definintions" do is that
he is putting human perception (himself) in the center...wanting to say:
"In regards to myself can I use memes to predict memes and refer those
predictions back to myself in such a way that they validate me" as opposed
to "are they self-evident"--Does the idea originate from a basic assumption,
contain no inherent contradictions, and become useful for refining itself
and also for perpetuating itself.

The second perspective names a meme (that which originates from a basic
assumption contains no inherent contradictions--or equally inherent
contradictions, that is balances any contradictions, so that the basic
assumption is primary--and refines itself so that it maintain the original
and perpetuates itself.)

So, can we (use memes to control something)? First, we must use a physical
example of a meme--not relegate them to mind. What is it that balances
contradictions allowing something which preceeded it to perpetuate
itself--what does a physical meme look like (ok, so this sounds like using
physical characteristics of species to illustrate the existence of genes,
well...)? Are memes evident in an inactive group who is waiting for a
leader to tell them what to do? Then measure the effect that a leader has
on an inactive idea (I hear the Pope is trying to revive goddess worship in
the form of "Mary" worship). Are memes evident in an individual trained to
be something (a "shaman") but who doesn't have an environment which
encourages the manifestation of this meme? Then, reintroduce the
environment and see if the meme becomes active.

The definition is predictive of the behavior which is to be expected. I say
that since <standards> are "the" meme which has crystalized <control>, then
lower the standards of an experiment and see if control variables become
active...or raise control variables and see if standards improve. Others
(Am I doing all the work here?)


At 02:28 PM 9/15/97 -0400, you wrote:
>>> >>> The results of an experiment which can be repeated is proof.

>>First I ever heard of experiments being proven or disproven.

>The subject of the first sentence is the word 'results'. Not that I ain't
>gettin' confused as well....

>But you're right- the aim is to disprove the theory- now- Popperian
>falsification aside, (my personal view is that it is too narrow, but I
>ain't a philosopher...), if we fail to disprove a theory, we increase
>it's validation.

>I think we're both on the same page.

>To forge on- where is technology here? A player? An adjunct? The
>experiment itself? The theory itself?

>Do we have any experiments for memes yet? We have some definitions, but
>there are definitions for ghosts too....

>It is towards this end I hope to move....

> Wade T. Smith

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