RE: virus: Only the facts maim.

Robin Faichney (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 10:08:03 +0100

> From: Nathaniel Hall[]
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> >> Data are not facts, because to be in possession of a fact is
> >> to know something about the world, i.e. to have a valid
> >> theory. In fact, facts are theories.
> >>
> >> Robin
> >
> > I look into my in my wallet and see I have 23$. That is a fact. I
> > now know something new in the world . Am I a theorist now too?
The thing in your head is a theory, a meme. It may or
may not have a certain sort of relationship with some
state of affairs outside your head. But either way, it
remains a theory, a concept, a meme.

BTW, falsehoods maim too, you know.