RE: virus: FORGERY ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin Faichney (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 13:36:45 +0100

Oh gawd I've done it again. Gone and complained
about a bug that appears prominently in the "known
bugs" list. I'd put it down to experience except that
previous experience seems to have had no effect.
Anyone know how to FORCE a meme into a mind?



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> From: Robin Faichney[]
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> Sent: 16 September 1997 12:58
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> Subject: virus: FORGERY ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Don't worry folks, it's only me and my new "Exchange
> Buddy". Strange how it seems to have been around
> for a while, though, with a bug like that. On the other
> hand, maybe I stumbled on an undocumented
> feature? :-)
> Robin