Re: virus: Re: MAIDS

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Tue, 16 Sep 1997 14:39:16 -0700

David wrote:
>Tad--a few months ago we advocated Objectivism and fought against what we
>perceived to be "evil on the internet". But I don't see it that way

There is nothing wrong with changing one's mind, but I don't see your new
way of looking at the problem. Would you help me at least by answering my
question about defining Objectivists and Success. One reason you mentioned
you were not an Objectivist anymore was that Objectivists are not
successful, which brought me to an idea of really checking it out. We still
don't seem to be clear on what is Objectivism.

> As Objectivists, we made assumptions

Speak for yourself! I was never an Objectivist.

>which colored our views so that it
>looked like there was a "Level 3 Guru" phenomenon going on, in which
>certain statements would be interpreted as manipulation, when from a
>different context, it wasn't.

I take, you are a Level-3 Scientist now. Congratulations. It's a nice
social group to belong to.

You say Level-3 was not a manipulation! I would like to see how it wasn't.

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