Re: virus: Contradiction

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 14:05:20 -0700

>I think you are mistaking his inability to communicate his idea effectively
>(no offense Richard) with intentional mysticism.

Why do you think so? Is there anybody on this list who understands
"meme-flexing on the fly"? I'm curious.

> I've had a lot of professors
>that, when frustrated, would say "ah, I can't explain it to you now...just
>accept that it is so". It's VERY common in science classes to tell ones
>students "this isn't going to make sense to you until after we cover XYZ".

I teach at a college myself and I never do that. Why do those professors
explain something it that order? Why don't they teach it after explaining
XYZ? It looks like a good example: they want the students to *believe* them
rather than learn. It's a good meme: "believe me, even if you don't
understand it". Once you get used to it (and in many cases you will confirm
they were right when you finally learn XYZ).

It reminds me of a conversation I had with my daughter a couple of days ago
(she is a third year psychology student). I shared with her what I wrote
here about faith, that it is "scientifically proven", she interrupted: "Dad,
nothing is proven". "How do you know?", I asked. "This is what they teach
us from the very beginning" she said. "Sounds like MAIDS", I said and
explained what the concept of MAIDS was. She thought about it and concluded:
"It's all theory we learn here or there. You say about MAIDS, but you also
read about it somewhere, right?" I had a great satisfaction to answer: "no,
I invented it".

My point is that we are conditioned to take lots of things on faith and we
may get trapped easily. First AID of MAIDS: never assume it is your lack of
brains or somebody's "inability to communicate" if you hear about
"meme-flexing on the fly" or other nonsense.

>Or are you saying that Richard was LITERALLY trying to sleep with your

How do you "LITERALLY" try to sleep with someone? (I thought I knew
everything about sex) :-)

Frankly, I am not sure what Richard was trying to do. It sounded like a
memetical experiment, than it sounded he really believed what he said (then
he pretended he was David R. :-)). I do not hope to get him as open as it
requires to find this out.

Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa (604) 985-4159