RE: virus: Sham(an) again

Brett Lane Robertson (
Thu, 18 Sep 1997 17:37:03 -0500

So my main thesis is
that human action, in general (as opposed to individual
human actions) can never be science-based. (Robin)


The other way to view this statement is to say that individual human
action--as opposed to group actions-- can never be science-based (depending
on how "science" is defined). The relationship formed implies that either
the individual can stand for "science" or the group can-- but not both at
the same time. Magic is the combination of individual and group using mind
(it's magic because due to uncertainty, it cannot be done within the
moment). Science is the combination of individual and group using matter
("technology" as material manifestation of mind...objects which think and/or
which are magical--in that they are imbued with the property of "doing"
something). The statement above, then, is incorrect in that the variables
are not individual and group as it implies (which are designated as the
control, or constant), but magic vs. technology (mind vs. matter).

If the equation were "How do we combine mind and matter--or magic and
science" (these two aspects being the constant) using the individual and/or
the group (as variables). The answer would be either mysticism or
spirituality. *Mysticism* belongs to the individual and *Spirituality* to
the group--but magic and technology (mind and matter) belong to both the
individual and group.

In keeping with the title of this thread: Magic, Technology, Spirituality,
and Mysticism all belong to the Shaman--Shamanism, can belong to neither the
group nor the individual if focusing on magic and technology but *must*
belong to both the group and the individual if focusing on spirituality and



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