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Thu, 18 Sep 1997 17:54:38 -0500

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>> From: Kirt A. Dankmyer -- aka Loki[]

>> >I guess a shaman would probably deny the mind/matter
>> >dichotomy.

>> For that matter, don't most shamans seny the self/universe dichotomy?

>I don't know about that, but most mystics probably would.



A Shaman is a mystic/magus. So, yes, the shaman must *also* deny the
self/universe dichotomy--like the mystic does. Though the magus maintains
the self/universe dichotomy as does the mystic maintain the mind/matter
dichotomy. (But in the words of a magus--me--there is no dichotomy between
self/universe, mind/matter...there is a progression or hierarchy. Mind is
superior to matter and self is superior to group--for the simple reason that
it is quicker for the individual to think something than it is for the group
to build it.) A "professional Shaman" (a term I've been trying to come to
grips bare with "professional sham") is a magus who
orders mystical experience (or a mystic who destroys order--otherwise known
as a chaos magician...a contradiction in terms).

So, finally I think I agree with Wade, that in a professionalistic world
view there is no room for a Shaman (though technology, magic, mysticism,
and spirituality--in the negative sense that they are often used--keeps
him/her in business).


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