virus: MAIDS: YOU should not use the word IS

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 15:09:13 -0700

The same quote from Eric for a diffrent reason:
>A=A is only a model, and the map is never the terrain. One must be
>prepared to abandon A=A if it gets falsified. But more than that,
>actually, one of the first requirement of science and PCR is that the
>statement to be analyzed must in principle *be* falsifiable. If it
>ain't, it's either a "tautology" or an "axiom" -- and neither of those
>are useful at all, for the first is *useless*, and the second is
>assumption making. (are there any other possiblities besides these two,
>and their combinations?)
>Another thing I'd like to mention, while I'm here: E-Prime. This
>language modification kills the entire debate. "is" should no longer be
>a part of English, as it misleads millions of otherwise smart people.

How come the word "is" appears in your previous paragraph 6 times?

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