Re: virus: Re: Social Metaphysics

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 15:09:07 -0700

Comrade Tim wrote he did not intend to insult me. I am puzzled what insult
he refers to. This dance has been danced here before, and it has some very
good memetical values, so let me go back a few steps.

Step 1: Tim claims it may be "worthwhile to explore" areas where
contradictions exist. I say "Sure, let's explore them! I can't wait.
Which one do we take first?"

Step 2: Tim responds: "Give 'faith' a shot and let me know what you come up

Notice a slight shift in responsibility for his claim: he does come up with
an answer (ie. faith) but there is this "let me know" what YOU come up with
Professor's talk.

I pretend I do not notice the shift, I give examples of my experience with
faith and how it can be explained without contradictions (as long as one is
willing to support one's beliefs in achievement of one's goals with work
towards those goals).

I expect Tim to give his examples now. I make it clear (I know he's good at
dancing this dance) and remind him: "You asked if it was worthwhile to
explore areas were contradictions may exist and find their limits? Great
idea, Tim. How does faith work for you? Let's be specific. Do you see any
contradictions here?"

Step 3: Tim invites an authority of the list-owner who may not like the word
"faith" (as if *I* introduced this word to this thread!).

Total shift in responsibility for the claim: why the hell are we talking
about faith? Tim seems to be surprised: "I don't see any contradictions in
my life from /my/ point of view."

I say: "So basically A=A in your world, except you want others to believe
that A is not A." I expect Tim to pick a better "worthwhile to explore"
area to explore. I am still open.

Step 4: Tim has long forgotten Step 1 and (in a beautifully crafted
paragraph) tells me he is sorry for my being an idiot ("Sorry you

>My beloved Tad, that wasn't meant as an insult. If you took it that way I
>am sorry, it is a failure of my communication skills. If you will be
>patent with me I will work on improving them. No offense or dismissal was
>meant. Just space saving for CoV memebers inboxes. Sorry you

To which I respond (pretending I do not notice the last sentence): Tim, my
dearest, would you like to pick another area where you think contradictions
are valid so we can explore it together?

Your beloved Tad and not Tad.

PS. Shakespeare did not write his plays. It was someone else who's name
simply happened to be Shakespeare.

Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa (604) 985-4159