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David McFadzean (
Sat, 20 Sep 1997 13:48:51 -0600

At 03:27 PM 9/20/97 -0400, D.H.Rosdeitcher wrote:

>The Neo-Tech people seem to think that they are in that kind of a bind, in
>which it's a choice between fraud or force. They say they are trying to
>create a more rational civilization, to prevent major holocausts and to
>bring about biological immortality. In order to persuade massive amounts of
>people to be more reasonable, they use techniques of cult leaders and MLM
>scammers to get people's attention. For example, they use ads for making
>more money, having "iron grip control over everything that moves", etc.
>Then, according to them, after people respond to their ads, they offer
>these people something of "value"--a more rational belief system. So, they
>perceive themselves to be in a life or death situation, in which they must
>use fraud, or else how do you convert the critical mass of people to think
>like they do, so that there's a more rational society?

Well, if what you say is true then it sounds like the Neo-Tech people
are pursuing the same goals as Virus along a different vector. I would
like to think that such methods are unnecessary for proselytizing
critical thinking, but they could be right and only time will tell.

>I don't think it's lying if you believe you're telling the truth. Lying is
>not the same as making a mistake.


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