Re: virus: Axioms versus falsification of theories

David McFadzean (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 12:40:56 -0600

At 09:40 AM 9/21/97 -0500, Eric Boyd wrote:

>What evidence? My point is I don't have any for some of these new
>subjects I'm learning about. I guess, technically, I don't have to
>"believe" them... but I do have to do the homework. I gotta pass, after

What about the fact that your professors are teaching this stuff at
a reputed university as part of an degree in engineering? Doesn't that
count for anything? Aren't your profs any more credible than someone
teaching aromatherapy or iridology in the back of your local new
age book store?

>If you like, I'll yeild. I don't have to use "blind faith", as you seem
>to define faith. But "Provisional Acceptance", based on what Paul
>Prestopnik talked about ("partial verification"), and "authority" memes
>from the Prof, is faith in my books.

Please tell me what you think your level of belief is compared to
your acknowledged evidence on the t-grid (,
then we can see if your idea of faith is different from mine.

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