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Tadeusz Niwinski (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 00:37:38 -0700

Tim wrote:
>On Sun, 21 Sep 1997, Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:
>> Tim wrote:
>> >Glad you asked, Tad.
>> >
>> >I think that the memes that "control what we do" are a subset of the=
>> >we have stored internally (been exposed to and retained) and that that=
>> >in turn, a subset of the memes we have been exposed to in our=
>> >
>> >Let's introduce some sets then: (Buckle up your seatbelts for some set
>> >theory boys and girls)
>> >
>> > E{m} is the set that contains all memes the individual (here shown
>> >as "m") is exposed to.
>> >
>> > I{m} is the set that contains all memes "m" retains and stores
>> >internally. (I use "internally" instead of "in memory" to leave the door
>> >open to other forms on storage such as notes or books)
>> >
>> > A{m} is the set that contains all memes in "m" that "control what
>> >we do" or are active in m's personal mindset.
>> >
>> >I assert that,
>> >
>> > E{m} > I{m} > A{m}
>> >
>> >And that there in criteria (or set of criterion) whereby memes are
>> >selected from E{m} to become a part of I{m}. And likewise a similar,=
>> >my no means equivalent, set of criteria that selects from the set I{m}=
>> >generate A{m}. I think these criterion=7F are at the heart of the=
>> >
>> >I have arbitrary named these criteria, without attributing
>> >characteristics to them yet, in order to look at their relationships. I
>> >have named them:
>> >
>> > R(x) is the criteria whereby I{m} is selected from E{m} for any
>> >meme "x" within E{m}.
>> >
>> > V(x) is the criteria whereby A{m} is selected from I{m} for any
>> >meme "x" within I{m}.
>> >
>> >Therefore a meme, say <God>, may move from E{m} to I{m} and further be
>> >selected into A{m} for one individual, but not for another if their R(x)
>> >and V(x) criteria are different.
>> >
>> >I think the interesting memes are the ones that once they reach A{m}
>> >reconfigure R(x) and V(x) to new values. These are the ones that can be
>> >said to control the /way/ we think.
>> >
>> >And I believe some peoples R(x) and V(x) are such that primary among the
>> >criteria (still undefined at this point) are the judgment of the=
>> >effects of a meme upon that criteria. Such that said individual would
>> >give high R(x) and V(x) values to memes that show the potential to
>> >reconfigure the formulas for R(x) and V(x) in a useful way.
>> >
>> >Thank you for asking, Tad. This is the subject of a _Mathematics of
>> >Memetics_ rant I've been writing off list and I'm glad to be given the
>> >opportunity to share. Although I, by no means, would expect or demand=
>> >equal level of interest or analysis from you, Tad. This is my personal
>> >obsession of late and we are two different people with different
>> >obsessions. I don't expect you to have to share the level of interest
>> >(R(x)) in this subject that I do, but I do welcome your thoughts on the
>> >matter.
>> Why didn't you say so in the first place?!
>No one asked. I felt broken and alone and that my ideas were of little
>use to anyone other than myself. Solitary and unwanted, I sat quietly in
>an empty room waiting for someone to knock on the door. And then you
>Thank you for caring, Tad (sniffle).

What a wonderful strategy to get others to notice what you have said by
repeating the entire post again (was that you who wrote about "space saving
for CoV memebers inboxes" ?)

What the hell, I can repeat it for the fourth time for my friend Tim. Maybe
somebody will finally notice that:
E{m} > I{m} > A{m}.

Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa (604) 985-4159