Re: virus: Re: Social Metaphysics

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Mon, 22 Sep 1997 01:56:14 -0700

David McFadzean wrote:
>This seems to indicate that adding "the supernatural exists" to your
>list of axioms destroys the credibility of one's arguments just as
>assuredly as adding "A and ~A", right?

Yes, it looks like (when I think of it). What is "super" in "supernatural"?
It's our belief that we are not capable of knowing it (knowing the
"mysterious ways"). In "A and ~A" we allow something to be not consistent.
Credibility? Good question. Let me rephrase what I wrote before and divide
people into levels (it just happens three of them).

Level-1 person believes in predictable, knowable, consistent world. There
is no room for supernatural. There are unknown things which we make known
as we learn more about the world we live in.

Level-2 person believes that supernatural is possible: a new type of unknown
which is not knowable. This person may still be credible to me as long as
he/she does not claim to know the very unknowable. I don't know and nobody
knows if the world we observe now is not in a very exceptional state and
tomorrow most laws of physics will change and nothing will be the same anymore.

"Maybe" atoms are entire universes (with intelligent life in them), and it
goes deeper and deeper and never ends. "Maybe" our universe is only a piece
of much greater universe, which is etc. Maybe. It may be even interesting
to talk about it. It may be interesting to assume that the speed of light
is an absolute maximum for speed of anything. If it leads to some new
discovery it's not a "maybe" anymore. It becomes part of known and knowable
reality. It may be a fantasy for a long time and some Einstein figures it
out in a way that it can be used by others.

Level-3 person claims to know the unknowable. This is not a credible person
to me. A person who believes in God may be a Level-2 person as long as this
person does not bring up "knowledge" about God. Religions do it all the
time: somehow they figured out God, usually by revelation. Nazism and
Communism do it: they assume a supernatural Nation/Race or Class
(proletariat) and claim they are "certified" by the supernatural. Richard
does it, Robin does it... Who else?

Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa (604) 985-4159