Re: virus: MAIDS

tom.holz (
Tue, 23 Sep 1997 21:08:37 -0400

>For some people there is no content there is only the dance...content comes
>from within. Personal attacks (deconstructing someone else's argument and
>taking the spoils) is the way some "think" fact, it is the social
>equivalent of thinking (Assume for a moment that each person were an idea
>and the combination of each person/idea produced a new idea which destroys
>it's components).

I feel compelled to offer up a vigorous "Me too!" with that 'social
equivalent of thinking' bit. But--in your judgement--is that good or bad?
er.. is dancing an ideal, a needed tool, or something to shy away from? or
a combination?

feeling really level-2-ish:

This post has nothing to say directly about memetics, does it?