Re: virus: MAIDS: YOU should not use the word IS

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 00:07:18 -0700

>>> Good scientific approach, Eva. It prompts me to formulate a hypothesis (or
>>> a PCR falsifiable statement): E-Prime is designed to weaken our confidence
>>> in our basic tool for survival: our mind. It undermines our sense of
>>> reality and existence. If anything only "appears to be" rather than "is"
>>> than of course we are helpless and vulnerable to the MAIDS virus.
>>Intersting hypothesis. What experiments do you propose to prove or
>>disprove it?
>Hmmmm, let me take a stab at this, by trying to provide counterevidence to
>Tad's claim. Take the statement:
>"God is love."
>It seems that such a statement, which uses "is", is more conductive to
>MAIDS than, say...
>Hmmmm. I'm stalling here. What's the E-Prime version of "God is love," as
>is usual meant by most Christian ministers? "God loves everyone and
>everything," perhaps. Certainly the latter statment, which has less of a
>sort of "slogan value", would seem to be more open to doubt, and therefore
>makes it lodging as part of a MAIDS meme-complex less likely.
> -Loki, bracing himself for Tad's response, not wanting to dance

Me neither.

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