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Just a small forward-

Any of this ring any particular chimes?


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I have usually seen these figures bandied about by the promoters of
self-development courses and the like. Naturally the implication being
that if you invest in their training/book/tape/video etc you will reach
a state of enlightenment which will qualify you to purchase the next
book in the series.

I was exposed to this statement for many years and never thought to
question it. I think that what they mean is that we only use 10% of our
POTENTIAL, whatever that is. Again, how do you know, how do you measure,
quantify, where is the research etc.

Think of it as marketing.

Warwick Finch
Canberra, Australia

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>Where do these figures come from? I have always thought of this
>story as something like an urban legend. Its just a story that
>gets passed around without any basis in fact. I have never met
>anyone who could point me toward research that actually makes a
>statement like "We only use 10% of our brains" or even "We use 10%
>of our brains for thinking." In other words, I am skeptical of
>all these numbers.
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