Re: virus: Definitions

Brett Lane Robertson (
Wed, 24 Sep 1997 14:49:42 -0500


I like where you are going with this thread but I am concerned that your
definitions for "implied" are too subjective; that is, I would like to add
that "implied" must be modified to state implied *from* BOTH the objective
and subjective. One could imply something from an objective stance alone
(or subjective alone) and it would not reflect reality. The definitions
below attempt to show this connection:

Objective: Tautological
Subjective: Teleological
Implied: Teleotautological ("continuous")

Having said that I would--more simply--modify your definition of "implied" thus:

>1) Suggested by logical necessity.
>2) Expressed indirectly....

...might better be stated:

1) Suggested by logical necessity
2) Expressed indirectly
3) Showing a connection between object and subject


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