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David McFadzean (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 12:46:47 -0600

At 12:07 PM 9/26/97 -0500, Brett Lane Robertson wrote:
>I'm not exactly sure how David's example speaks to the topic (How does the
>above statement prove that reality is consistent for all people using the
>same definitions?); but, rising to the occasion, I will show a

It wasn't supposed to.

>counterexample which *might* be wrong--but wouldn't it be interesting if it
>were true?!?
>All ancestors have a (one) common human descendent.
>Based on the accepted nature of the first statement, and on the processes of
>logic (this would be associative? communicative? inductive? deductive?); I
>would have to say that the second statement is true--at least in theory.

If all D have an A, then all A have a D? I think there might be something
wrong with your logic.

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