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Marie Foster (
Fri, 26 Sep 1997 16:45:09 -0700

> I think the statement is still true even if there is no such point where
> humans became human. For example, the common ancestor might be a fish or
> a sponge. Right?

If it is true that our universe exploded out of nothingness then one
might assume that our common ancestor was that experience. If you mean
an animate ancestor, there are any number of ways (I grant a minuscule
probability) that could accommodate a separate genesis. The Adam and
Eve story is very deeply ingrained in most of us... and preachers tend
to leave out the part that says that Cain went into another country to
take a wife.

The examples are just pictures of the problem in trying to establish any
absolute value. No matter how certain we are of "truth," someone else
can find an assumption or belief somewhere in our logic. I have studied
myths all my life. Most people I talk to are certain that they have no
mythology. However, once they start telling their own tale, it is clear
that this is not the case.

Energy has mass. What is thought? Is this not more the crux of the

She asks...