Brett Lane Robertson (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 13:07:54 -0500

I see--if all descendants have a common ancestor, then all ancestors have
common descendants, because the only isosemantic "ancestor" will be the one
from which a descendants are... well,... descended.


-Prof. Tim

Would it be proper to say that "the only isosemantic 'ancestor' will be the
one from which a descendant..." "ascends"? The definition of the word
"ascend" being used similarly to "ascendent" as in "ascendent being"--kind
of a biblical reference. I am wondering about the quality of ascendence;
or, can a person rise through their own being to envision what his future
looks like (his hypothetical descendants)?

If you are pointing out that at some point an ancestor is a
descendent...then The Ancestor--being his own descendent (father to himself,
son to himself; therefore a trinity of father, son, holy spirit)--could
*ascend*...this quality being (what?) self consciousness? Memetically
speaking, would this quality allow for choosing one's own
this quality then "complexity"? Is complexity self-consciousness?
Simplified then, is self-consciousness only a conscious recognition of a
change through time (slightly more external change through
time which is internalized and compared to it's antecedent--infinitely--so
that the process of time is recognized as self)?


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