Re: virus: Re: Social Metaphysics

Tim Rhodes (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 22:23:23 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 28 Sep 1997, David McFadzean wrote:

> OK, I'm looking for a noun to describe deviation from the skeptical position,
> where the degree of belief that X is true of false is not commensurate with
> the evidence for and against X. Any ideas?


> I'm also looking for adjective to describe behavior that it the same you
> would observe if the behaver is rational agent with reasonable goals. How
> the agent actually generates the behavior is irrelevant to this concept.
> Again, I'm taking suggestions.


> As for reality, I just think it is important to differentiate what actually
> is the case from what seems to be the case, acknowledging of course that
> the former can only be inferred from the latter.

How's `bout: Implied-Objective Reality?

-Prof. Tim