Re: virus: MS Weapon

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Sun, 28 Sep 1997 23:16:49 -0700

Tim wrote:

>Hmmm, I wonder, does this message you sent me off-list, Tad, fall into #2
>or #3:

Tim, if I correctly understand the rules here, if you have something which
may not be interesting to other members of the list, you talk to the
interested person off-list. You asked me for a favor to search for words:
"Level-3" and "MS Flip" in archives. I answered off-list that I was not
going to do it for you and explained why.

I am interested in finding more about the MS Flip phenomenon which can be
observed on this list and I am grateful for your responses. I really believe
that the MS Flip software is a DANGEROUS meme worth researching. I have
defined it as thoroughly as I could and I am interested in feed-back from
the list.

>From the feed-back I received from you I understand you think I also have a
"secret weapon" and use it to my advantage. What do you think this weapon
would be?

Regards, Tadeusz (Tad) Niwinski from planet TeTa (604) 985-4159