virus: Re:PCR Three Axioms

D.H.Rosdeitcher (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 03:21:23 -0400

Tad wrote:
>Great, "a falsifiable statement can get tested for being true or false".
>question for you, David is still open: HOW? How do you test statements?

By trying to prove the statement wrong by looking for counter-examples and
flaws in the statement (ie. non-sequiturs), and comparing with other

>From what you said about "fire of criticism" it seems to me you are
>suggesting that in PCR "testing" is criticizing. As if we could learn
>reality by only talking about it.

Some things we can learn about by discussing, such as the nature of logic,
truth, statements, etc., since such topics consist of purely mental
constructs. We don't need to use a lab

--David R. .