Re: virus: Re:PCR Three Axioms

Paul Prestopnik (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 09:56:33 -0400

> From: D.H.Rosdeitcher <>
> To: Church of Virus <>
> Subject: virus: Re:PCR Three Axioms
> Date: Saturday, September 27, 1997 1:02 PM
> There seems to be confusion about the difference between assumptions made
> in PCR and assumptions made in other idea systems.

> "Falsifiable statements are useful, but tautologies are not.". However,
> PCR, such statements do not hold status as axioms, because in PCR, such
> statements can get challenged. Unlike other idea systems, the philosophy
> of PCR does not accept its own ideas as true or "the best". It's just
> no better idea system has been found to replace PCR. In other words, in
> we can use assumptions, but at the same time not believe them to be
> absolutely true.
> --David R.
Can you please give me a short explanation of PCR.