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Brett Lane Robertson (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 15:33:50 -0500

I think thought would be best defined as the change in the organization of
matter and energy over time. Although this statement needs some more
qualifiers; it allows to many things to be considered thought. Probably a
requirement that the organization moves in the opposite direction of
entropy (at least on the average) would probably be a good idea. This is
still to open, but getting closer. Does anyone else have any refinements
that might help? Or possibly this definition could stay almost as broad,
and be allowed to consider the possibility of thought by "non-living"
systems. e.x. The organization of the universe following the big bang
into planets, solar systems, clusters, galaxies, etc.


"Thought"--a change in state which, when compared to itself, leaves all
variables counterbalanced except for "change" as an objective
phenomenon...this phenomenon-of-change, itself, is consciousness; it has the
objective qualities to determine any and all qualities of the multiple
states which named it--including self-reference through negation,
self-consciousness...a repeated manifestation of consciousness (which is not
*as* self-conscious as total self-reference) draws the self to view the
micro-phenomenon in an attempt include it in consciousness-of-self; thereby,
the thought occurs as the part is verified by the whole of consciousness.

This can occur as self discovers self by change and is not dependent on a
dependent arising. Thoughts as units of self-consciousness manifest the
self to the self using the self and are thereby self *confirming* and not
self-negating (which is to say that self-consciousness can be attributed to
the self becoming conscious and need not be determined through negation of
self-same and self-object as has been suggested by Hegel).

I would call this phenomenon the Ascendence of Spirit (and so "Thought"--the
ascendence of spirit)


ps...I like the above assessment that thought goes counter to entropy. The
above explanation also says thought is " the change in the organization of
matter and energy over time"

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