RE: virus: Supernatural.

Gifford, Nate F (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 17:33:16 -0400

>Gifford, Nate F wrote:
>>I'm afraid that
>>it will be a very long time until I get around to reading anybooks
>>with the word "God" in the title as the signal to noise ratio for the
>>as a whole is just to damn low for me to take a risk on any member of the

>Is informing the group about what you are not going to do:
>a signal or noise?

I say it was signal. Originally I hypothesized various reasons reasons for
putting god in the title of a book:

1) Introduction to The God ... as found at a Zondervan <sp?> bookstore
near you.
2) The day God turned his face ... books about atrocities and how God made
it all right after all.
3) The Gods of XPFLVT....Space trash starting with Edgar Rice Burroughs
and still going strong.
4) Why I don't believe in God ... as bad as the books at Zondervan ...
5) The new God <MEME HERE> ... Expose on true believers.
6) .....?

I supose any of those might be considered signal rather than noise
depending on the receiver. For the purposes of this group I thought the
single statement was enough since to buy into the viral life of ideas is to
deny cultural absolutes like GOD. I'm not saying you can't believe in
Memes and God .... although I can't ... but the mix comes out pretty weak
compared to that bad ass trying to kill Mr. Rushdie <among many others
currently active, not to mention the historical ones ... like that Trinity
that killed all the people who only believed in one leg of the chair ....>

I'm glad that you're becoming concerned with the signal to noise ratio in
the group ... as it has seemed a bit low to me lately ... I hesitate to
mention it, since it could be a personal opinion. What do you think Tad?