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Brett Lane Robertson (
Mon, 29 Sep 1997 23:17:57 -0500

there exists an x such that for all humans,
>x is an ancestor (appears in y's genetic lineage by definition). (McFadzean)


Not wanting to think of anything new, I dug this up. The notation was about
"Uncommon Beauty": The idea was that beauty--as a lineage, that is compared
to a population and taking into account what is (not) common--could be
graphed...the graph is the point of this response--illustrating a
dimensional resolution to the 3-D ambiguity contained in the original
statement about all humans having one common ancestor; therefore, any
"genetic lineage" besides beauty can be substituted.

Uncommmon beauty--In a population: That which is repeated the most--has
occurred since the beginning and adds in every direction across horizontal
and vertical time minus that which is common. Comparing this statement to
DM's: There exists an x ("beauty") such that for all humans ("in a
population") x appears in y's lineage ("has occurred since the beginning and
adds in every direction across horizontal and vertical time"). I have added
"minus that which is common" assuming that "appears in y's genetic lineage"
supposes that y doesn't appear in y's own lineage--is not common to x;
though assuming that x and y were common--as in my previous post about
isosomanticism--was the easier method of showing that the statement has
several inherent interpretations which both confirm and negate it).

Horizontal time--time basic to human perception as in "what time is it."
Longitudinal and segmented.

Vertical time--Best illustrated as a frozen moment in horizontal time which
extends across the population (also: how many "time(s)" something is
repeated--"at one time."). In vertical time (like horizontal time) all that
has ever happened still exists; but, in vertical time--unlike horizontal
time--only the "organism mind"* can become aware.

*Organism mind--used to designate the sum of the individual mind, the group
mind and the universal mind. The term implies that this combination has all
the properties necessary to exist independently of individual or group [thus
from a perspective which is neither objective nor subjective]

"n" time--an 4th dimensional representation of time so that at any point in
"n" time; horizontal and vertical time align (but being 4th dimensional
these two points do not necessarily match on a three dimensional x,y grid).

n(squared)--xyn or nnn or xxx or yyy such that x=y=n: The dimensions align,
now and now (if two "separate" individuals reach this conscious state, they
merge into one conscious entity).

"x" time: Both the organism mind and individual mind "n(square)".

So, given n-time, there are n(squared) number of possibilities wherein the
population and the individual contain both "all" and "one" minus "common"
ancestral lineages as is verified by the concept of x-time.


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