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Richard Brodie (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 09:58:44 -0700

On Sunday, September 28, 1997 11:58 AM, David McFadzean [] wrote:
> I was using logic to talk about reality. I agree only statements can be
> true or false. That doesn't mean they have no relation to reality. In fact,
> their truth value, if the statement is contingent, comes precisely from
> their relation to reality.

I would say their truth value comes from their relation to other statements/definitions about reality.

Their USEFULNESS comes precisely from their (perceived) relation to reality.

> >> 4. Which 'reality' are you talking about?
> >
> >Is there more than one?
> Yes, people are always confusing subjective reality with objective reality.

I haven't noticed anyone terribly confused about that here.

> It is possible that true isosemantic statements could be contradictory
> if objective reality was in fact derived from the mental, e.g. if the
> world is a reflection of the mind of God, or if objective reality is
> socially-constructed, e.g. the world is brought into existence by
> conscious observers, and does not exist otherwise.

Is there anyone here who asserts that? What are you talking about?

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