RE: virus: Re: Social Metaphysics

David McFadzean (
Tue, 30 Sep 1997 12:31:35 -0600

At 09:58 AM 9/30/97 -0700, Richard Brodie wrote:

>I would say their truth value comes from their relation to other statements/definitions about reality.

So the fact that "Richard Brodie lives in Seattle" is a true statement has
nothing to do with the fact that you live in Seattle? Interesting.

>> Yes, people are always confusing subjective reality with objective reality.
>I haven't noticed anyone terribly confused about that here.

Try dropping the qualifier and see what happens.

>> It is possible that true isosemantic statements could be contradictory
>> if objective reality was in fact derived from the mental, e.g. if the
>> world is a reflection of the mind of God, or if objective reality is
>> socially-constructed, e.g. the world is brought into existence by
>> conscious observers, and does not exist otherwise.
>Is there anyone here who asserts that? What are you talking about?

You claimed my conjecture was a tautology and I am demonstrating that
it is not because it is falsifiable, and therefore it is not
necessarily true. What did you mean by tautology?

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