Re: virus: MS Weapon

tom.holz (
Wed, 01 Oct 1997 16:57:54 -0400

>but doesnt the rational/skeptical/scientific belief system promote the
>greatest opportunity for change to other systems?

No. .. err, being a rational/skeptic would make it hard to flex your
memespace into something--for example--irrational and faith-based.

There is a phenomenon that this might be an example of, but I don't know
what to call it, so here's an example I hope someone will
understand/translate/identify for me:

The "internal/soft" and "external/hard" martial arts are very different
(ie. Tai Chi versus Karate), but when you explain internal principles of
power/force generation in a way that makes them appealing, some
externalists will say, "Oh, yeah, we do that too" and offer a short
"logical" rationalization, when in they actually don't understand.